Your Health, A To Z

Have a health question the internet won't answer? Here's the women's health index you've been looking for.

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I Tried It

I Tried TikTok’s Favorite Menstrual Cup & Here Are My Honest Thoughts

After I traveled over 100 miles to find my preferred tampons, I decided it was time for a change.

By Meguire Hennes

6 Pilates Arm Exercises That'll Unwind Tight Shoulders

A pro shares her faves.

By Carolyn Steber

10 Breathable Bedsheets To Keep You Cool During The Heatwave

With options from John Lewis, Soak & Sleep, & Zara Home.

By Orla Pentelow and Sophie McEvoy

Wait, Vabbing At The Gym Is What Exactly?

TikTokers love it.

By Carolyn Steber
It's A Pleasure

How Do I Deal With Both ED & Premature Ejaculation?

It’s just plain annoying when your body doesn’t work the way you want it to.

By Sophia Benoit
The Level Up

Jiu Jitsu Champ Kim Blake Is Pushing For More Women In The Sport

"Once you start to learn, you can feel so strong, empowered, and in a better position to protect yourself."

By Kathleen Ferraro

7 Women Share Their Best Orgasm Stories

Inspo for your next big O.

By Lexi Inks

Here's Why Your Nose Runs When You Eat

Pass the napkins.

By Carolyn Steber

The 11 Best Stretches For Swimmers

Do these before you dive in.

By Carolyn Steber

Why Experts Say Sleeping With A Fan On Isn’t Totally Risk-Free

We’ve all seen the videos on TikTok, but here’s what the professionals have to say.

By Sophie McEvoy

5 Vertical Leg Crunch Variations For Stronger Abs

It's time to change it up.

By Carolyn Steber

9 Chest Exercises With Dumbbells To Try For Better Posture

Functional strength training FTW.

By Carolyn Steber

20 Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

They invalidate you, for one.

By Rachel Sanoff and Kathleen Ferraro

Ashton Kutcher Opens Up About His Battle With Rare Autoimmune Disorder

The actor was unsure if he would ever walk, hear, or see again after his diagnosis.

By Radhika Menon

12 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Love Life

#1: You keep dating unavailable people.

By Teresa Newsome and Lexi Inks

The 9 Best Exercises For Period Cramps

For when you're ready to get out of fetal position.

By Carolyn Steber