TikTok Decided That French Hair Pins Are The New Claw Clips

Très chic.

The French hair pin has taken TikTok by storm — and replaced claw clips as the favorite nostalgic su...

It’s no secret that 2022 has been the year of the ’90s-inspired claw clip, with supermodels like Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (to name a few) often turning to the trendy accessory for a quick, effortless updo to complement their low-key street style.

And while claw clips can range from colorful to neutral, small to oversized, and strictly functional to very much cutesy (like the daisy claw clips that are running rampant on the viral platform as we speak), one thing is for certain — the Y2K hair clip is very much all things casual.

If you find that sometimes claw clips are just a bit too low-key and relaxed for a more put together, sophisticated ’fit (like, say, in the office), you’re in luck... TikTok has discovered a new hair pin that adds a bit more of an elegant vibe to the same minimal, easy-to-achieve updo millennials and Gen Zers alike are simply obsessed with.

Enter: the hair fork, also known as the French hair pin.

Easily used to secure French twists, messy buns, chignons, and more, the French hair pin is the perfect way to amp up your go-to easy hairstyle with a bit of simple luxe.

While TikToker Sophie Murray seems to easily twist her hair and secure her strands with the gold hair fork, the comment section notes that there may be a slight learning curve with the accessory (that the claw clip most definitely doesn’t have an issue with) — though luckily, those with all hair types, textures, and lengths have taken to the app to offer their own tutorials.

Dying to try the look for yourself this fall? French pins are all over Amazon at just around the $10 mark.