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Bella Hadid Shares The Grounding Wellness Practice That Helps Her Anxiety

The supermodel shares her self-care rituals.

Francois Durand, Stringer/Getty Images

In Chill Chat, Bustle sits down with stars to chat about all things wellness, from their workout playlists to their most reliable self-care hacks. Here, Bella Hadid shares her mindful morning routine and what she needs for a good night’s sleep.

After listening to Bella Hadid talk about her health journey — which began at age 13 when she started dealing with immune issues — it’s evident the 25-year-old supermodel is invested in wellness. “I’ve been poked a lot in my arms, gotten so many IVs. I’ve done pretty much every holistic medication that you could possibly try,” she says over Zoom. The biggest thing she realized she was missing? A routine.

Hadid rattles off some of her go-to self-care practices, and they all turn out to be things that cost $0 to do. She’s picked up journaling, for one, and relies on daily walks to help with her anxiety. “My anxiety and depression were because of the fact that when I wasn’t working, I was so exhausted that I was just at home hibernating,” says Hadid. “Then, all of a sudden, after 38 hours of being off, I felt I couldn’t even go outside or else I’d freak out.” Now, she makes a 30-minute morning walk a part of her daily routine.

Coffee used to be another big part of her morning, but she realized it was only exacerbating her anxiety — which is part of the reason she joined forces with Kin Euphorics, an alcohol-free functional beverage company whose drinks are crafted with mood-regulating actives (like L-theanine and GABA) Hadid says she used to take in supplement form. Now, the brand’s energizing Spritz mocktail has replaced her a.m. coffee habit. “This is what really gives me that kick, but also doesn’t give me that excruciating anxiety where I can’t function and can’t work,” says Hadid. She’s also cut back on alcohol, another drink that wasn’t doing her body any favors. “I have a night out once in a while but I’m at the point where I’ve started to see how all of this stuff affects my brain and it’s a lot harder to pick up the glass.”

Here, Hadid shares her full morning routine, meditation tips, and her favorite ways to spend alone time.

Walk me through your morning routine.

I have a big glass of water, which is really important, and then do three pages of journaling. I know it seems like a lot. I love to write poetry and to write in general, but when I wake up in the morning and I have brain fog, I’ll get frustrated because I’m like, “How can I not write?” But using your brain is how you continue to help it function better.

For me, journaling for 30 minutes in the morning before I get on my phone helps with my anxiety. And then I do a gratitude meditation. Just to start my day and say, “I’m grateful that I’m alive, I’m grateful for all that I have.” These aren’t huge things, but they’re what help me get through the day in a positive way so I can reinforce good habits.

How did you get into the practice? What are your tips for people who have a hard time meditating but want to do it?

I got into practice when I was looking for guidance and spirituality within myself and the universe instead of from the outside world. I really do believe that everyone has a hard time at the beginning of their meditation journey. Your mind won’t stop racing, every thought humanly possible comes to the surface, and you might feel like it might just not be for you — we’ve all been there. The tip that helped me understand and be able to disconnect from the world was doing guided meditations over musical meditations. Search for something that fits with your intentions and find the best speaker whose voice makes you feel calm and centered.

Aside from meditation, how do you de-stress? What's your go-to form of self-care when you really need some me-time?

Showering, cleaning, and sitting on my couch with my girlfriends. Nothing makes me happier. When I need some “me” time, if I feel up to it, I plan acupuncture, a massage, or a vitamin IV. I might also just chill and take a bath. I’m pretty low-maintenance when it comes to my time off. Sometimes what’s best for me is to do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it.

You have such a busy schedule, between modeling and working on Kin as its partner and co-founder. How do you stay organized?

I’d say organized chaos over just organized. My mindset in the past few months has really allowed me to compartmentalize and focus on what exactly needs to be done at that moment. I wear many hats in my workspace so I like to make sure that I separate each part of my life — modeling, business, health, personal — to be able to focus 100% on each aspect separately.

How do you get a good night of sleep?

Deep sleep meditation and hot tea.

What are your intentions, if any, for 2022?

My intentions for 2022 are to constantly try new things, take adventures, experience life, stay curious, stay kind/loving/hardworking and push the boundaries of what I expect of myself. We all have room to grow and reinvent ourselves. And I think it’s important to tackle all parts of ourselves and find the depths of who we are as human beings.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.